Our services and products are carefully selected to provide comprehensive solutions and support. We help take the worry and hassle out of motor vehicle ownership and take the bumps out of your travel experience to provide peace of mind motoring.

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Mechanical Protection Plan

A truly superior range of Motor Vehicle Warranty products, offering motorists many options to fulfill every need, and unsurpassed value for money in terms of features and benefits in relation to premium paid.


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Mechanical Warranty

Failure of a major mechanical components such as Engine, Gearbox or Differential can run into thousands of Rands. Protect yourself by selecting from our wide range of affordable products. You have the option of choosing to cover for 12 months, 24 months or selecting our monthly option. Unique features within our warranties will ensure that you enjoy peace of mind

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The innovative iBOOST Top Up Plan is designed to complement the underlying Vehicle Warranty by effectively “topping up” the difference between the amount authorised by the underlying Vehicle Warranty and the repair cost. It can complement any underlying Vehicle Warranty, even that of the Manufacturer.

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Claims Guru

Claims Guru provides unique new value to motorists by offering a “basket” of services designed to enhance their convenience experience. A significantly important service within this basket is the Road Accident Fund (RAF) service, aptlytitled Road Accident Guru, which allows members free access to a multitude of services designed to assist them in their claim against the RAF and maximise their chances of success.

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BodyCare Protection Plan

The superior BodyCare Protection Plan is designed to keep the motorist's vehicle in showroom condition, by offering meaningful cover relating to a range of events that can affect a vehicle’s aesthetics, like minor chips, dents and scratches, etc.

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MV Financial Solutions

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Our very competent F&I’s supply fast and efficient vehicle finance and are affiliated to all major Banks. For more info, contact Fabian Scott: admin@multivaps.co.za | 012 004 1719

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Tyre & Rim Protection Plan

The excellent Tyre & Rim Protection Plan is designed to provide motorists with peace of mind by providing meaningful cover to their vehicle's tyres against punctures, blow outs and damage caused by potholes, debris and roadside kerbs. Wheel Rims are also covered by the Tyre & Rim Protection Plan.

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Motodrive Maintenance Plan

This top-of-the-range product is a True Full Maintenance Plan, and offers maximum peace of mind motoring to clients, because it not only covers the cost of Manufacturer-specification services including wear and tear items, but also a Warranty cover built-into it!


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Motodrive Service Plan

Growing consumer demand for such a product has seen InsureAfrica create the all-new MotoDrive Service Plan, designed to assist motorists in budgeting for their vehicle service costs. This impressive product covers the cost of Manufacturer-specification services, excluding wear and tear items.

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BodyCare Protection Plan Lite

In recognition of consumer demand for a lower priced product that protects a vehicle's aesthetics, the BodyCare Lite Protection Plan was created. This unique new product provides lower levels of cover against everyday minor chips, dents and scratches, etc. at a lower price.


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